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Whoever writes gets the attention

Hey Reader, Have you ever noticed how some people seem to get all of the press and attention even when other people have built something similar? It can be frustrating when you’ve worked really hard on a project but no one seems to care or notice. It can be even more frustrating when someone else...
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5 days ago • 3 min read

Doing it for the love of the game

Hi Reader, Newsletters are quickly becoming a compelling way for creators to make money. I plan to share a detailed post covering what I see as the playbook for making $100k/yr from a 10,000-subscriber email list. I’ll keep you posted on that, but in short: Through the combination of...
12 days ago • 3 min read
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How to grow your newsletter insanely fast

Hi Reader, How do you grow your newsletter list? Typically, the answer you hear is: publish great content, give people a chance to subscribe, and hope a small percentage of readers enter their email address. But something new has changed the game: Newsletter recommendation widgets. When you add a...
18 days ago • 2 min read
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How to launch your next product (and have people actually care)

Hi Reader, Launching a new product—especially your first—can be incredibly daunting. It’s easy to get caught up in planning the perfect launch and trying to make a big splash. What most people get wrong is they focus too much on getting attention for launch day. But people’s attention spans are...
26 days ago • 4 min read

Physical reminders in your workspace

Hi Reader, If you’re trying to accomplish anything meaningful, it’s probably going to take time. During this time you’re showing up consistently, how do you stay centered and keep your focus on what matters to you? You can try remembering those important messages, or you can put physical...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read
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The new privilege: working from home

Hey Reader, Warren Buffet talks about how he won the “ovarian lottery”. He was born: White In the United States To successful parents At a time where his unique skill of being world-class at reading financial statements and investing was highly valued. He says were he born in a different country,...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read

How homeschooling set me up to run a $100 million business

Hi Reader, When I grew up, homeschooling was not popular. In California and other states, there were even laws passed to discourage homeschooling. Popular opinion was that homeschooling should only be legal for those with teaching credentials. But now the world has changed. Over the last couple...
about 2 months ago • 3 min read

2022 Review: A year of growth and managing stress

Hey Reader, 2022 was a good year, but a busy year. Far too busy. I found myself overly involved in the details of the business and handling many responsibilities I needed to delegate. All of that took a toll on me. We had some key executives leave (more on that below), and it left me in charge of...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Keep communicating your mission, values, and strategy

Hi Reader, Twice a year, the entire team at ConvertKit gathers in person for a week, and it’s always incredible. As you’re reading this, I’m on one of our team retreats! Last week, I was working on a presentation I’m giving. Little moments like this presentation really matter for getting the...
2 months ago • 2 min read

7 tips for writing engaging emails

Hi Reader, If you send a newsletter, these 7 tips will help you write more engaging emails: 1. Make it easily skimmable Most people aren’t going to read every word of your email. Assume people will skim your email, and make it easy for them to do so while still taking away the most important...
2 months ago • 3 min read