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Hi Reader,

Twice a year, the entire team at ConvertKit gathers in person for a week, and it’s always incredible.

As you’re reading this, I’m on one of our team retreats!

Last week, I was working on a presentation I’m giving. Little moments like this presentation really matter for getting the whole team aligned.

Our mission, values, and strategy may be obvious to me, but they need to be obvious to the team. It’s important to communicate the vision clearly and repeat it over and over again.

I regularly remind the team of our mission: “We exist to help creators make a living.”

Not only do we have new people joining the team who haven’t heard me say it, but even the people who have been here for a while benefit from hearing me repeat it.

The danger of not continually bringing everyone back to the same mission, values, and strategy is people will gradually start to optimize for different things. Someone on the marketing team might think there’s an obvious way to run a project, but someone else with a different understanding of what’s important may think it makes no sense.

The more people you have pulling in different directions, the slower you’ll move. And not only will you move more slowly, but team members will have trouble seeing and understanding each other’s perspectives.

It’s my job to make sure everyone has a common lens through which to make decisions.

The default state is for everyone to be heading in a dozen different directions, so it takes a ton of work to make sure the whole team is in alignment. But it’s always worth the effort.


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Making friends with an alien

I read this fascinating story about a diver who made friends with a 12-foot octopus while working as a naturalist at the Vancouver Aquarium.

It’s short and definitely worth reading:

Read thread »


$84 million in deals from Twitter in 22 months

My friend, Levi, tweeted that he tracked all of the business he did with people he met on Twitter in a 2-year timespan, and the total was over $84 million dollars!

It’s pretty incredible how the right content, by the right person, in the right industry, can be worth an incredible amount of money.


Buy Back Your Time

Another one of my friends, Dan Martell, recently launched his new book, Buy Back Your Time.

Dan and I have been friends for years, and he has so much to teach about building wealth in a way that makes sense for you and your life. It's great to have all of his business insights in one place.

This book will show you how to value your time, delegate, create finanacial freedom, and build the life you want.

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Enjoy your week!



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